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Neil Rice

I have been taking photographs professionally for over 35 years and in that time I have worked in several photographic genres including photojournalism, editorial, studio, weddings and many forms of sports and action photography. My work has been published internationally in periodicals, magazines and books as well as appearing in broadcast media and web publications. I have always had a passion for both photography and field sports and it is here on FieldSports.Oline that my two passions come together.

I shoot and pickup on several shoots throughout the UK as well as working regularly at Arbury Estate where I drive and look after the guns. I keep Labrador Retrievers, English Springer Spaniels and Irish Water Spaniels, I am a committee member of The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club.

If you would like me to photograph your shoot or any other field sports or country event contact me by clicking on CONTACT in the menu at the top of this page.

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